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122 Grand Ocean Ent, Burns Beach WA 6028

Our Services

Professional support services for the provision, rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure and municipal services for both public and private sectors.

What we do

Principal Representative

Supervise building works, inspect progress, and certify infrastructure project completion.

Funding Applications

Source funds for construction of new infrastructure, or the upgrade or extension of existing infrastructure.

Master Planning

Create dynamic long-term planning documentation for infrastructure projects that provide a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development.

Planning Services

Write planning documentation for infrastructure projects to meet future economic and social needs of a region or country.

Services to Secure Authority Approvals

Applications to various government authorities, cabinets and committees for the approval of infrastructure works.

Project Definition and Project Brief

Define project requirements for the development of an infrastructure asset. Project design to be based on definition and brief.

Secure User Requirements

Engage relevant stakeholders in order to lock down project requirements for the users of an infrastructure asset.

Cost Planning

Ensure value for money and responsible management of public monies for an infrastructure project. Adherence to codes of practice for the building and construction industry.

Procurement Planning

Employ procurement methods for the various phases of an infrastructure project especially those of a Private Public Partnership.


Market leading programming, advice and scheduling for complex infrastructure projects across multiple sectors.

Project Director / Management Roles

Leading of project planning sessions, co-ordinating resources, managing project progress and achieving infrastructure project deadlines.

Design Management

Control of the creative process in order to successfully deliver project outcomes, minimise risk, maximise usability and exceed the expectations of infrastructure project stakeholders.

Industrial Architect Services

Design of infrastructure projects that serve and support the industrial process.

Contract Management

Effective contract management to support the long-term success of infrastructure projects, in line with agreed contract terms.

Superintendence and Site Monitoring Services

Assess quality of materials and workmanship in accordance with infrastructure project contract terms. Review and approval of project programs. Coordination of contractors to successfully achieve project outcomes.

Commissioning and Handover Services

Clear definition of roles and responsibilities in the Commissioning, Completion, Handover and Takeover processes at the different stages of an infrastructure project.

Defect Warrant Management

Implementation of defects liability period. Remediation of defects that appear in the works upon practical completion of infrastructure projects.

Fleet and Infrastructure Asset Condition Assessment

A diligent focus on the physical condition of an infrastructure project asset and all associated components.

Verification of Maintenance Logs

Confirming maintenance reports are accurate for a given infrastructure asset. Ensure maintenance, defects, faults, recommendations and other issues are up-to-date and correct.

Assessment of Asset Register

Ensure delivery of services from infrastructure assets is provided in a financially sustainable manner.

Asset Valuation

Compliance with Australian accounting standards when measuring the fair value of infrastructure assets using current replacement costs.

Capex and Opex Foreast for Critical Assets

Accurate calculation for the capital expenditure and operating expenditure of infrastructure assets.

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